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Physical Therapy Services

Offering many different physical therapy services for our Missoula Montana community.


We treat the whole body to enhance your overall health and wellness. As physical therapists, we are movement specialists who work with you to improve your function and advance your ability to move. Our outpatient orthopedic clinic offers an extensive range of skilled services to best meet your needs. 

Expand your range of...




Orthopedic Rehabilitation

As movement specialists, we evaluate and treat all musculoskeletal conditions. We treat injuries related to muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments and make your individualized treatment plan relevant to your life and goals.

Outdoor Recreation Rehabilitation

This specialized service is made specifically for our community's outdoor athletes of all ages and activities - anglers, hunters, trail runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. Whether you want to improve your confidence in rivers or on mountains, reduce your risk of injury, address a nagging injury, implement strength and conditioning for your seasonal activity, or just that you want to heighten your performance, we are here to help you stay out there!

Neurological Rehabilitation

We offer a variety of neurological rehabilitation services, including balance, motor control, and gait training, as well as interventions to promote neuromuscular re-education. We also provide services that address diseases and conditions that may include neurological symptoms such as vertigo, traumatic brain injuries (concussions), cancer, and multiple sclerosis. We use evidence-based treatments to help our patients improve their physical, cognitive, and neurological functioning.

Tactical Athletes + 
Sports Rehabilitation

From the courts, to the gym, to the trails, our specialized practice is perfect for all athletes! Whether you are recovering from an injury, focused on injury prevention, or just want to improve your performance, Range PT constructs your treatment plan specific to your work, physical demands, sports, and your goals.



Motor Vehicle Accident

A car accident can be stressful for many reasons. Symptoms may present immediately or they may be delayed. Physical therapy can ease some of your stress by aiding in your recovery to get you back to your life's activities.

Work-Related Injury Rehabilitation

We tailor your physical therapy experience to simulate your work-related tasks to get you back to your job as quickly as possible. Our focus is on injury rehabilitation, training of body mechanics and ergonomics, and reduction of reinjury.

Balance Training

Balance consists of three systems: your inner ear, your body's awareness in space (proprioception), and visual input. Some of the contributing factors to balance includes the normal aging process, comorbidities or underlying conditions, medications, and/or activity levels. Balance training can help reduce your risk of falls and improves your participation in life's activities.

Pre & Post-Operative Care

Have you heard of the term prehab? Prehabilitation is a pre-surgical and preventative approach to prepare for surgery to optimize your outcome. “The stronger you go into surgery, the stronger you come out.” Our post-operative physical therapy service focuses on working alongside the healing process to get you back to your prior level of function and your goals. Whether you are healing from an ACL repair, mastectomy, rotator cuff repair, total joint, or any other orthopedic surgery, we are here to maximize your recovery.

Oncology Rehabilitation

Research supports the role of physical therapy and exercise to address the side effects of cancer and related treatment including chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Some of these side effects include cancer-related fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, bone health, anxiety, and sleep. Through education, movement, and manual techniques, we support you along your journey to maximize your quality of life and function.




Mind and Body Connection

The nervous system is an integral part to our function and motor control. After an injury, our nervous system also has to heal and adapt. Whether you are recovering from a recent surgery, chronic pain, neurological condition, or lingering injury, we integrate interventions that heighten your mind and body connection.

Wellness and Preventive Care

Want to keep up with your friends or family? Want to take control of your comorbidities or underlying condition? Looking to improve your quality of life?

Physical therapy can assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals. Together, let's improve your strength, endurance, functional capacity, and mobility!

Pilates-Based Treatment

Pilates focuses on the body as a whole through focus on breathing mechanics, posture, body awareness, and movement control. You can incorporate these concepts into exercises through specialized equipment or on a mat.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Heighten your performance with exercises focused on your health and fitness goals. Our comprehensive approach focuses on your individual needs, whether that be endurance, strength, agility, speed, and/or power training to assist you in excelling in your activity and performing your best.

Functional Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique in which a thin filiform needle is placed into a taut band of muscle known as a trigger point. Some of the benefits include: pain reduction, improving function, promoting range of motion, increasing blood flow, decreasing muscle tension, and influencing the neuromuscular system. This technique is one of many options available in your plan of care.

Body Mechanics and Ergonomics

Your body is an amazingly built machine. Learn how to maximize your function by fine tuning your movements or positioning to maximize your efficiency, strength, and energy. This technique can be applied to your daily activities, work-related tasks, or recreational activities.

Other Services Include

- functional training

- exercise prescription and dosing

- gait analysis

- and more

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