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'Tis the season for groove cleanin!

It’s mid July, which means your clubs have gotten a lot of love for a bit now, but is your body feeling the love? Are you feeling achy or tight? Maybe even pain while playing? It’s time to stop ignoring those feelings!

Let’s first discuss the importance of your warmup routine. First off, do you even have one? Or do you step up to the first tee and hope the first swing gets the back moving? Creating a strong warmup routine could be the number one thing you need to mitigate those aches and pains. Stop in to Range Physical Therapy + Wellness for a flyer on a good warmup routine AND an included exercise routine curated to your specific level of performance.

If your golf game is feeling pretty ‘flush’ right now, you just hope to lower that handicap and lengthen your drives, maybe all you need is a strong golf specific workout routine! Strengthening your core, legs and shoulders could be the difference in adding 10 yards to your drive. Our physical therapists here at Range PT can help you develop a specific workout routine aimed at creating power in your swing.

Emmy Sundby golf

Maybe the course between your ears has been the hardest part to navigate! The mental game of golf arguably requires the most ‘exercise’ for your game to be strong. Every pro golfer spends ample time working through their emotions, their self-talk, and their mental resilience. How much time do you spend creating a strong mind for your game? Chances are not a lot, if any. It’s time to change that! Start with evaluating your self-talk out on the course. Make note of how often you’re congratulating yourself on good shots and how often you’re using ‘not-so-kind’ words for yourself. Odds are, you’re not your own best friend on the course. Change that! Life is already hard enough, don’t make it any harder for yourself.


The course cares for those who care for it. And thank your local greenskeepers, they do so much for you!

EMMY SUNDBY, Range Physical Therapist Aide, SPT University of Montana Physical Therapy class of 2027


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