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Intentional Calming of Our Nervous System


The nervous system plays a crucial role in our day to day activities, and requires proper regulation for overall health. Just like we allow our muscles to recover after exercise, it’s important to integrate intentional activities to support our nervous system. 

After trauma, stress, high levels of activity, or simply the many emotions experienced throughout our day, our nervous system can become heightened. It’s a normal response! However, after prolonged exposure to a heightened response, the nervous system can adapt to the “stressed” state and will rest at a higher than normal baseline. This may put us at a higher risk of injury, illness, coping, or result in a larger response to every day events than we’d typically expect.


We can apply daily intentional practices to calm and down regulate our nervous system. Mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing, restful sleep, exercise, calming movement, and enjoying nature are just some of them. The nervous system requires care, just like our other tissues.

“Our body is adaptive, resilient and amazing!”

Nervous System


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