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Offering Cancer Support

Updated: Jan 3


What is Oncology Rehabilitation?

Oncology research supports the role of physical therapy and exercise to address the side effects of cancer and related treatment, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Some health-related side effects include fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, depression and anxiety, changes in quality of life, bone health, functional capacity, and issues with sleep. In addition, physical therapy not only facilitates the prevention of certain cancers, but also aids in the survival of common cancers. During treatment or in remission, adding a physical therapist who specializes in oncology rehabilitation to your health care team has proven benefit in maximizing your quality of life.

Why have a physical therapist as part of your health care team?

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are movement specialists who will apply clinical reasoning and decision making with your medical history, diagnosis, and treatment to create steps toward short and long term goals. The support a physical therapist will provide along your journey toward health and wellness includes an individualized treatment plan focused on awareness, healing, and movement for the whole body. 

What can a physical therapist do? 

In physical therapy, you will obtain education, movement, and manual techniques to best meet goals and greatest limitations. These may include strength, balance, range of motion, activities of daily living, gait, sensation, motor control, mindfulness, and so much more. Following a surgery or treatment, it’s common to have symptoms that linger, which may limit your functional ability. Choosing physical therapy to manage the side effects of cancer and related treatment will positively impact your quality of life and healing process. Expand your Range, Enhance your Life. 

“To expand our community’s range of movement, health, and wellness to enhance the lives of Montanans through comprehensive and exceptional care.”


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