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Invest in your Heart Health this Month

February is American Heart Month.The importance of heart health goes beyond exercising and eating healthy. For many years heart disease has been the leading cause of death in our country.

Invest in your Heart Health

Keep your heart happy + healthy

Our hearts are written about in poems and songs, diagnosed and treated in the medical field, discussed in podcasts and reviews, and often depicted as the most incredible system of the human body. But with all of the information we know about the heart, heart disease still remains a leading cause of death, and more seriously for women. According to the CDC, there are 1 in 5 women who die from a form of heart disease every year.

We have been told that anxiety and stress are strongly related to heart health and by actively exercising, creating boundaries and treating ourselves with kindness we can change for the better. However, most of the time we need support from others too. We need help from our family, friends, pets, health care providers, and co-workers. And we need to invest and advocate for ourselves when we need this support.

This February, Range Physical Therapy & Wellness wants to be part of your heart health journey. Follow @rangePTmontana on instagram or Range Physical Therapy & Wellness on Facebook for more information on keeping that heart happy and healthy. Stay tuned for more information - FROM OUR HEARTS TO YOURS


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